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Pokemon Bank Released! February 3, 2014
Th The first version (v1.1) of Pokemon Bank has finally been released in North American through the eShop. Players will not be able to transfer Pokemon from previous generation games, from Advanced to Black and White 2, into their Pokemon XY game by way of the Poke Transporter. Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire game pokemon can be transferred to 4th generation Pokemon games using Pal Park (original DS and DS Lite with working GBA cartridge slot required). Generation IV to V transfer is made by the Poke Transfer Lab. The main component of the Poke Bank is the online cloud storage of up to 3,000 pokemon. Transferring certain from previous games activate the appearance of certain items, such as Drives for Genesect. This storage system works the same way as the PC on the game, with additional features such as extra ways to organize and select pokemon based on grouping, type, name and other criteria. An Event Celebi will be available on the Pokemon Bank until September 24, 2014. For North American there is a yearly $4.99 to use this service, and the account for the Pokemon Bank is connected by the Nintendo Network ID. Future versions are planned to improve custom team creation and access to new events.
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New Pokemon XY movie Trailer 1  December 15, 2013
The new Pokemon XY movie has officially been revealed, under the tentative name of Cacoon of Destruction. A movie posted was also released which shows several mega-evolved pokemon with the logo of the movie at the bottom. The accompanying short movie will be called Pikachu, What Kind of Key is This? and will star Klefki. The teaser trailer for the movie can be found at this link. As with previous Pokemon movies, the final title and product will be qutie different from what we see right now in the trailer. We can expect the two main legendaries of the XY series to make their appearance but there is usually a third pokemon that is involved. The rumor in Japan is that this other one will be a pokemon that is currently unobtainable in the XY games, but will appear in the third version of the game. Another rumor is that the pokemon shown on the XY movie will actually be mega-evolutions of the current legendaries.

New episodes of Pokemon XY anime  November 14, 2013
While the Unites States, Canada, and other countries outside of Japan are still airing the episodes of the Pokemon Best Wishes! saga, Japan is already up to their 7th episode of the XY anime series. This episode has a trailer which shows the growing friendship between Ash and Serena. It should include some background regarding Ash's history in Kanto and how he impressed Serena with his kindness and courage. Ash has already won a Kalos gym badge in the series. This is one of the rare times that the protagonist of Pokemon has a female friend that shows interest in him. Although Ash's character continue to be the same, he will be thrown into different situation that he has not faced before in previous adventures. The rumors circulating in Japan right now is that Ash will meet a relative, most likely a cousin or uncle, who is also a Pokemon trainer who currently lives in Kalos. He will meet up with this relative when he is approaching the 5th gym. This will lead Ash to rethink his battling strategy and use some old Pokemon we have not seen many series ago, instead of having to wait until the League where he usually brings back his previously used pokemon. More news about the anime will be coming soon.
Serena, the heroine of Pokemon XY  October 7, 2013
The new Pokemon anime series, XY, will begin airing on October 19. Trailers for this series have shown up in Japanese networks that show the new characters in the series, including the 3 new traveling companions. These are the 3 blonde characters who resemble the group format from Pokemon Advanced Generation, which included an older boy, a girl, and a very young kid. The two other new characters besides Serena are siblings. Serena herself originates directly from the game and is not a creation of the anime writers. She is presented as a happy go-lucky girl who is greatly interested in Pokemon. In several ways, her personality and character design resembles Dawn. Will Serena become a favorite of the fans or not? After Iris, it seems many have left that they are now eager for a female character who will have an active role in the anime similar to Dawn and May with their goal of becoming top coordinators. The rumor is that Serena will be a trainer just like Ash, but she will focus on a different aspect of training that involves the new features of the XY games such as the new methods of gaining EVs.
Pokemon Fighting Game for WiiU called Pokken Fighters  August 20, 2013
Screens of a 3D Pokemon game were leaked, these show Lucario and Blaziken fighting in a style similar to that of Street Fighter 4. It has been revealed that Nintendo has trademarked the name Pokken Fighters and Pokken Tournament. The word 'ken' means fist in Japanese. In Japanese the title for these games is Pokemon: Popping Fists. There is further information about these games containing up to 100 Pokemon fighters with 50 more being available via download and special events for the WiiU.
This is the first time Nintendo has experimented with a fully fledged Pokemon fighting game. It is likely to have basic elements from other modern 3D fighting games from Capcom and Namco, but also contain concepts derived from the hit franchise Super Smash Bros. Based on the screens, Pokemon fighers have access to special moves if their "poke-meter" fully loads. As can be seen from the screen, Lucario is eminating a blue aura and is about to unleash this energy into his opponent. Multiplayer and interactivity with the Pokemon XY games have also been rumored. Details on this new game will be made available by September.
Mega-Evolutions on Pokemon X and Y August 16, 2013
One of the biggest surprises in the 6th generation games of the new Pokemon game series is radical change in the battling system. Previously it was announced that there will be the addition of Fairy types. Now the EV system and even evolutions themselves are being upgraded. Full details are not yet known, however what is known is that Mega-Evolutions are transformations that take place within a battle and are only temporary. An item is required for the Pokemon to Mega-Evolve. In the case of Blaziken, it can evolve into Mega Blaziken with an item called the Blazikenite, a so called Mega Stone. These type of items will usually be obtained through WiFi distribution and special events. There are several other Pokemon that are known to Mega Evolve. Mega Evolutions might be triggered when Pokemon are low in HP, similar to how berries work. In terms of the new battling system, EVs will apparently have a different distribution compared to previous generations. There will also be a way to EV train your Pokemon by taking them to a special location in the game. Gamefreak, the developers of the XY games, are withholding other details on new battle formats, such as Horde Encounters and Sky Battles.
Misty and old characters to appear in the anime July 10, 2013
The current anime series in Japan, Pokemon Best Wishes 2 Da!, will come to a close on the first week of October of this year. Ash has been traveling around the Dekolora Islands making his way to Kanto. He has met old characters along the way, such as Clair the Dragon gym leader from Johto. The rumor in Japan is that by the last episode of the series Misty, Brock, Gary and other old friends will meet Ash and throw him a homecoming party before he sets off again to the Kalos region (in the upcoming XY anime series). Expect to see the old protagonists to still continue pursuing their dreams, Misty preparing to be the best water type trainer and Brock studying to be a Pokemon Doctor.

New Pokemon X&Y E3 Details Revealed June 11, 2013

On E3 Nintendo has provided additional information about Pokemon X and Y, coming October 12 of this year. The most significant news has been the creation of a new Pokemon type called Fairy. Sylveon, Marril, Gardevoir, and Jigglypuff are some of the Pokemon revealed to be part Fairy types. Fairy type attacks will be super effective against Dragon Pokemon. How much will this change the way battles are done now? Most obviously, Dragon types won't be as dominant if they have to be wary of Jigglypuff! At least if it posesses a powerful Fairy type move. X&Y will also have a way for players to interact directly with their Pokemon by using the touch screen, most likely this will be used to increase happiness. You can watch the full Pokemon X&Y E3 trailer @ http://e3.nintendo.com/games/detail/pokemon/.

Pokemon Best Wishes! Season 2: Dekolora Adventure!  April 21, 2013
On April 25th, the new filler arc of Pokemon Best Wishes! (in Japan) begins. The story is about Ash and his friends traveling the sea region of Dekolora that is full of various islands where he encounters many types of adventures and Pokemon, including Jirachi, Rotom, Muk and even Zekrom. These islands connect the Unova region and Kanto which is Ash's final destination. Previous to this arc Ash has traveled with N and with his help foiled the evil plans of Ghetsis and Team Plasma. Dekolora Adventure, or Da! is reminicent of the Orange Islands from the original series but won't contain any gym quests. We will also see Iris and Cilan say their farewell at the end of the Da! arc. 

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2013 International Challenge  April 18, 2013

From April 19th to the 21st, a global WiFi competition will be hosted by Pokemon Global Link. If you want to join this month's competition, you don't have much time left because the registration closes today and it's first-come, first-serve until 50,000 competitors are registered. Entering the challenge will earn you a Salac and a Leichi Berry. This competition is just for ranking so don't expect any prizes.

More details @ http://pglhelp.pokemon.com/en/gbu/2013_International_April/index.html

Mewtwo X, the name of the new Mewtwo forme  April 14, 2013
A week after the reveal of the latest XY Pokemon, a leak from a Japanese source has confirmed that the name Nintendo will use for what most people call "Mewthree" is actually Mewtwo X. No further details has been given at the moment. The term Zen is a Buddhist concept that means attaining a high level of enlightenment. Perphaps this is a hint that Mewtwo X is Mewtwo's "perfect" forme.

CoroCoro magazine reveals new Mewtwo forme  April 12, 2013
The April edition of CoroCoro has a feature that shows a new Pokemon that will appear in the 3rd Pokemon Black & White movie "Extremespeed Genesect: Mewtwo's Awakening". Scans show the new model for this pokemon and how this Mewtwo plans to fight against the shiny Genesect in the movie. This Pokemon will appear in the upcoming 3DS games, XY, only. A regular Mewtwo with unique attacks will be available for BW2 near the summer by Global Link event.